I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, from December 2014 until June 2016 and immersed myself in the local SEO scene there. At first sight, I had the impression that the market still had a lot of potential and not much serious competition. About 1.5 years and roughly 1000 SEO campaigns later, I come to a slightly different conclusion.

In the beginning, I tried to get in touch with more SEOs and online marketers via Australian webmaster forums and SEO blogs. One of the first forums where I signed-up was http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/. I came across interesting members whom I got in touch with and whom I found quite inspiring.

I eventually worked at one of the biggest digital marketing acencies in Australia and learned heaps not only about the Australian market but also about the SEO scenes in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and even the US. It seems that Google works with different algorithms in different countries, and in some cases, you can use strategies that were already out-dated in Germany about 5 years ago.

Since I took care of some very huge clients that operate globally, I learned a lot about international SEO, i.e. the right set-ups for companies with many domains in different countries, proper use of hreflang tags, duplicate content issues etc. I will certainly provide some useful content concerning this in the near future.

Anyway, I think that the Australian market is far more competitive than – let´s say – the Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippine market. Hence, we will focus our energy more on creating our own SEO projects in the Asian market and will provide our SEO services more for companies in the US, Australia and Germany, of course.

Since we have a lot of projects in the travel industry, many of our clients are also travel-related, but we also have lawyers, insurance companies, university clinics, eCommerce shop owners, engineers, designers and other service providers in our client pool.

[last updated: September 30, 2017; first published: January 4, 2015]