Welcome to rueth online. internet marketing! After many years of successful online marketing in Germany, we want to offer our internet marketing services also to the English-speaking world. With rueth online. internet marketing you can be sure to get high quality internet marketing “made in Germany” that is good enough to have online-success worldwide.

We started to build websites in the last millennium, in 1999 we started to sell products on ebay to get a feeling of the internet as a new medium, a new way for marketing. In 2006 we discovered the world of blogging with www.blogspot.com, started to work with www.blog.de in 2007 and finally found WordPress in 2009 as our state-of-the-art software for many websites.


Download the latest WordPress version on http://wordpress.org/. Screenshot on 27/11/2013

Though we also use other CMS (content management systems) like Drupal, we focus on WordPress and specialized in optimizing WordPress websites and blogs. We are currently running dozens of websites and blogs with different topics like travels, diy, fashion, finances, sports / fitness and many more – but our focus is definitely on travels to South-East Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia).

We would be happy to work with new international partners and want to be as reliable as possible. Feel free to contact us via e-mail to john[at]rueth-online.com.