As online marketer one of the most important goals should be to create a good email list comprising subscribers who are interested in your website-content and who are also potential customers of your products and / or services.

The importance of this can not be repeated often enough. It took me years (!) to understand the value of these email lists and to be able to get more and more subscribers.

How to get subscribers to an email list?

First of all, you need a good software for email marketing services. I found out that CleverReach* provides the best software for my purposes after also trying AWeber, MailChimp and some more companies.

CleverReach provides great email marketing services

The software tracks a lot of important data like information about the subscribers who opened my emails and which links were klicked in the emails. Hence, you are able to track the behaviour of the email-readers which is not possible with most free email providers.

In order to get more subscribers to your bulk email list, you need to find a way how to make people, i.e. visitors of your website or blog, subscribe to your newsletter list. In most cases a free give-away helps a lot to raise the sign-up-rate for your newsletter.

Options to register for the email list should be integrated in the sidebar, below a post or page and also within the content through text-links. But there are also plug-ins for Facebook pages to enable internet users to subscribe directly through a page on Facebook – CleverReach also offers this great option.

Start email campaigns

Email campaigns should always be part of the email marketing services of your provider. An automated email campaign enables you to send emails to your subscribers on specific dates / on a regular basis – and you don´t have to send them manually.

An email marketing campaign could be like this: a subscriber signs up to your newsletter and gets a follow-up email after 24 hours. This process will be repeated for several days and during that process or at the end of it you can make a special offer to your fellow subscriber.

The emails should be of great quality and you should make sure to link to awesome content of your website as well. One purpose of newsletters should be to get a better connection and communication with your reader(s), build a relationship and trust.

Free email marketing service

As a passionate internet marketer / SEO you should start to grow your email list now. CleverReach offers you a free email marketing service where you can send bulk emails to a maximum of 250 subscribers with a limit of 1000 emails per month.

If you have more than 250 subscribers (up to 1000), then you pay a monthly fee of 15€ or $ 21,29 (as of December 2013) without limit. If you have 1001 to 2500 email subscribers, then you will be charged 25€ or $ 35,49 per month without sending limit and so on.

I can highly recommend CleverReach´s E-Mail Marketing Software* and I am quite sure that you will have even more success with your online business using their awesome email marketing services.

Here is a short list again with all the advantages a good bulk email software is offering to you:

  • automated email campaigns
  • a better communication with interested readers
  • more sells of products and services
  • tracking of user-behaviour
  • free email marketing service (for the first 250 subscribers with CleverReach)

In case you need help with this software you can always send me an e-mail to john[at]