The online marketing agency rueth online. internet marketing is a team of passionate online marketers who follow a rather holistic approach when it comes to high quality marketing in the virtual world. We have been working in this industry for more than 9 years now as professionals since 2008 but started to develop first websites back in the last millenium.

We offer premium SEO consulting services not only in Cebu but in the whole Philippines, and have mainly clients in Australia, Thailand and in the US. Our main office in Munich, Bavaria, offers online marketing services to selected companies in various industries Germany-wide but also in Switzerland and other countries.

The internet has dramatically changed over the past years, and so have many online marketing strategies. Our philosophy always was and is to create real value and help people solve existing problems. We do not promise quick fixes or a “top 3 ranking within 30 days” but we set realistic goals and achieve them together with our clients, in transparent communication.

Modern internet marketing and SEO should focus on the real outcome of all activities, on a positive ROI and a higher turnover for their clients. Much traffic is quite useless if there are not more sales or other qualified actions & leads. Thus, conversion optimization is as important as basic SEO, usability and a good communication between a company and its (potential) clients.

If you are looking for more online success and high quality standards then you found us – we are a small but effective online marketing agency with offices in Munich, Germany, and in Cebu, Philippines. We are happy to hear from you!